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Northwest Pediatric Therapy's mission is to help all children we serve meet their highest potential. Our speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and developmental therapists are dedicated to helping children develop the skills necessary to successfully communicate with others and effectively participate in their activities of daily living.

We believe that a child’s success is directly related to their surrounding environment; therefore, our clinic is set up to promote a fun learning experience and a place parents can receive instruction on how to take an active part in their child’s development. Our clinic is also designed to be a "home away from home" so that children feel welcome and believe as if they are playing (learning!) in their natural, everyday environment.  We are dedicated to making children want to learn, therefore we provide fun, themed activities throughout the year as well as motivating therapy materials everyday.  

Northwest Pediatric Therapy is an Arkansas First Connections Early Intervention provider for children birth to three years of age where we provide therapy in a child's natural enviornment. In addition, to best meet the needs of our families who send their children to daycare/ preschool, all of our therapists travel to daycares/preschools to provide therapy services, if the daycare/preschool will allow.  

Like us on our Facebook page where we feature daily postings on what is happening at our clinic, special events in Northwest Arkansas, activities of the week, special videos, educational articles, pictures of the children during everyday therapy activites, and pictures of our themed activities throughout the year! 

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