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Austin and I would like to say thank you for your wonderful gift of speech therapy.  This last year has been life changing for our family, and we feel you have given our son Austin the world by teaching him how to speak proper.  There are no words that could ever say how much we appreciate your gratitude.  We were very blessed to have found such a wonderful, caring person and great speech therapist.  You and all your staff always have such high spirits.  The children all think you are great and so does my family. 
-- Leah, mother of Austin

Thank you so much! I would have never dreamed six months ago that I would have a son as talkative as Landon.  You have been such a blessing in our lives!
--Lisa, mother of Landon

Lynn and her team has done a great job helping my son and daughter with their speech. They love to go to speech, because Lynn makes the therapy so much fun and engages with them. This has been a very positive experience for us and I highly recommend Northwest Pediatric Therapy to any parent.
-- Rebecca, mother of Isaac and Rachel

We have been so blessed to bring our son to NW Pediatric Therapy.  Melissa has been great with our son, and we can tell that both she and Lynn truly care about their clients!  Thank you NW Pediatric Therapy!
-- Noelle, mother of Terry

Thanks so much for all your commitment to Jude.  He has come a long way since we started.  It takes a special person to do what you do and you truly are amazing at it.  You will always be special in our hearts!  Thanks for everything!
-- Tara, mother of Jude

My son started going here in March of 2008 and today Mrs. Jayna (his therapist) informed us that he is being discharged.  Although this is a great achievement, I shed a tear; Northwest Pediatric Therapy has become like a second home for my son and myself.  From day one, the entire staff has treated us like family and that's what is making leaving so hard.  Mrs. Jayna has worked so well with Brady and has combined her friendly demeanor and awesome teaching skills to improve Brady's speech tremendously!  Brady just loves Mrs. Jayna, and I love the bond they have formed!  I can't thank Northwest Pediatric Therapy and Mrs. Jayna enough for the outstanding impact they've made in my son's life!
--Beth, mother of Brady

Hi Melissa! I thought you might like an update on the surgery today...The doctor said his adenoids were HUGE! On a scale of 1-4, with 4 being the largest, his were a 4+, blocking 100% of his nasal cavity! Poor kid hadn't been able to breathe out of his nose at all! This explains so many of his issues - excessive drooling, delayed speech, restless nights/sleep apnea, open mouth breathing-causing you and Lynn to suspect his were enlarged and prompting us to pursue this solution! Thank you, both! We expect this to bring about a much better quality of life for him from here on out! He's recovering well this evening, and we pray the next two weeks will not be too hard on him!
--Terry's mother

Thanks so much for all you have done for Finley and for being so kind!  He has come a long way and he couldn't have done it without your help.  We will miss you!
--Valerie, mother of Finley

To All the Lovely Ladies at NW Pediatric Therapy...Thank you for all you've done for Rowan.  He is so much happier now that he can speak his mind (and boy does he ever!).  We will miss you!
--Darcy, mother of Rowan